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Strawberry Banana gloss & cheek /freeship

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Pomegranate mint lip gloss & cheek 


🔥 new shades & lip kits coming soon! 
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blueberry cream shimmer


strawberry banana 

honey vanilla gold shimmer

chocolate Chip 



Creamy goat milk nourishing cream made with infused goat milk . Loaded with vitamins and minerals from goats milk, healthy for your lips.


How it works-,Goat milk alone is loaded with vitamins and minerals.  It is often called the skins super food because of vitamins and minerals it gives to you.  


featured ingredient/ goat milk 


. 15 ml tube with gold cap

. Pomegranate mint

.Lips & cheek

. lip safe mica for color



Vitamins in goats milk per 1 cup

calcium 327 mg

vitamin A 483 mg

vitamin D 124 mg

magnesium 34mg



Versatel base,, vitamin e, organic coconut oil,  organic goat milk & organic honey.


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